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Daddy Monster, angel, by Robert Atkinson
Tank Daddy Monster, Daddy Monster Does the Silliest Things, by Robert Atkinson
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Chelsea Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, birthday
(Dad! Would you use this? Love, Chelsea)

A Dust Jacket Thingy

Robert Atkinson was born in Texas City, Texas on July 22, 1960, wrench in one hand, pen in the
other, a cooking utensil in one more and a look of raring-to-go wonder. Upon the bright age of
18 months old he fixed his first machine (with a wooden hammer) and at eight years old set sail
across Galveston Bay in a craft made of building scraps. Mechanics, models, machines and
adventure novels were his life, but his career as a writer was finally given birth in 1986 allowing
over 350 bylined stories (including a fascinating one about asbestos), at least 50 credited photos
and he almost got his helicopter ride during an industrial fire, before a Fire Marshall bumped him.

He married Yvonne in 1990 and in 1992 delivered Chelsea with his hands -- and so to a little girl
was born a Daddy Monster!!! In 1998 an idea formed and was first put to paper for Mother's Day
2000 -- and the rest is just gravy and Green Guy history.

Exceeding his writing credentials he places the countless hours he spent at his daughter’s
elementary school, coaching softball, camping, taking in children when needed, the times
through her middle school teaching classes, helping in science (which helped take his little girl
to STATE), and ongoing assistance in H.S. with 180 band kids as a band nerd parent – or is that a
band parent nerd. He stays actively involved in the civics and politics (including unpaid elected
office) affecting his home and neighborhood, and found time to put his old 1971 Chevelle back
on the road – for his daughter’s 16th birthday. – GO OLD, GO GREEN, GO MUSCLE MACHINE!

Robert can usually be found, with coffee in hand, in the backyard of his Austin, Texas home
relaxing with his daughter, beloved Beagle and two turtle doves or donning his manly short-
shorts for a Texas tan and doing what he does best; taking care of what he has, with thanks.”
About Robert Atkinson:
Author and Illustrator of
Daddy Monster Does the Silliest Things, Daddy         
     Monster Eats (around) the World!, and Daddy Monster Tells the Tale          
of the Teddy Bear
I am always
Always time to
run my toes in
the sand.
In everything I say and everything I do I hope
this is who the World sees!!!
Me? Only on
days that don't
end in "-day"
little monster, little daddy monster
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