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A Daddy Monster Blog, by Robert Atkinson
Moon landing
So much to do and so little time -- I wish I could turn back time and do it all over again exactly the way it was first time.

But maybe that is the best part for Guys, Dudes, DADS. Not to turn back time, but to give all you know to your kids!!!

I wrote, illustrated, printed, sold, did shows with my Daddy Monster for love.

So, now the Daddy Monster Blog, by Robert Atkinson.   or just     CLICK THIS

This blog page was officially kicked off September 2013.

I am not sure of everything I will write about for families, DADS, KIDS, MOMS, dogs and cats, but tomorrow ain't here!
Saturn V launch
Steak, chicken and veggies
just click a pic for a better view
Food fit for a Dad and the pickiest eaters, dogs included.
Arggggg, there may be Pirates
Pirate ship model
TV and VCR repair
JVC repair
ratchet and clank , gadgebots
big moth
Some topics we could look at?!?!
b-52 lauches x-15
sr-71 blackbird
san angelo, train museum
gumbo prep
Janey at Oma's table
coffee, sleep when dead
DADS must always practice, Action, Action and more Action. Rigorous,
Vigorous Constructive Action!!! And to do that, everyday, 24-7?????
Sunsets for all!!!
Giant, mutant insect Overlords!!!
pumpkin in frezzer
pumpkin front porch
Christmas tree, tc tx
crash bandicoot falling
spyro and bone
Steve McQueen
Video games for Dads to play
Even Steve McQueen!!!!!
Dad and Chelsea, graduation
They do grow up!!! :(
Yana in puppy box
Kids, Read Daddy
Monster !!! You May
Get a Dog Bone, I DO!!!!