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Daddy Monster Does the Silliest Things, written and illustrated by Robert Atkinson
Daddy Monster Eats (around) the World!, written and illustrated by Robert Atkinson
Daddy Monster Tells the Tale of the Teddy Bear, written and illustrated by Robert Atkinson
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Daddy Monster Does the Silliest Things ISBN 0-9700615-8-7

The first, the original, the, well... Silliest! A story of epic proportions full
clocks, bubbling lava pits and half of the Moon eaten for a late night
snack! With Little Monster, child of Mommy and Daddy Monster,
narrating  the story, Daddy Monster's day-to-day life of adventure, mild
skirmishes and a job working in a sand box are written and illustrated to
show that a parent can still be a hero!
Daddy Monster Eats (around) the World! ISBN 0-9717868-5-2

Another adventure? Why yes, Daddy Monster is back with another tale
straight from the claws of Little Monster. In this out-of-the-world story
he takes a trip (no, not to Grandma and Grandpa Monster's house) but
around the World to discover and create a cookbook of many flavors.
With two mischievous stowaway hamsters, a friendly Sphinx,
snails, Russians, fireworks, a skittish wedding elephant and even a visit
from two special holiday characters, there is more than enough fun and
love to go around -- the World! -- and back home again!!!
Daddy Monster Tells the Tale of the Teddy Bear ISBN 0-9717868-6-0

With a rip-roaring appetite for even MORE adventures, Daddy Monster
comes whizzing back into the limelight to present a tale Never Before
Told! Yes! Can I get a bear hug?! It is to be discovered that teddy bears
are more than they seem; helping Little Monster with the first days of
class, choosing the right paths in life and they can even save the World
while (cough cough)
some Little Monster is sleeping on the job. Whether
the 5th face on
Mount Rushmore, acting President or a friend to purple
aliens, Boppie the bear is exactly what he seems -- a young monster's
best friend through thick and thin!!!
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