Links to Buy Daddy Monster Books

Links to buy Daddy Monster Books:
     Daddy Monster Does the Silliest Things

     Daddy Monster Eats (around) the World!

Daddy Monster Tells the Tale of the Teddy Bear

                   By Me, Robert Atkinson
As with my entire Daddy Monster Web Site, there is no money for me if you buy Daddy Monster Books; and that is more
than okay.

From sales of original simple ringbound editions to my super-fantastic industry topping hardcover editions with content
like glossaries, upside down printing, complete author/illustrator control, coloring pages IN the book, and more, I did it all
for LOVE of my family, Love of Dads, Moms, Kids, Monsters everywhere -- and the absolute hope of giving more, always,

From sales at The Texas Book Festival, Zilker Kite Festival, BookPeople Austin, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and (rest its
corporate soul) Borders Booksellers, My Daddy Monster Books have spread literally around the World!!! Dang, I think I
wrote a book with that in the Title.

I have looked and found websites selling my books. I am not affiliated with any of these. Please, if you buy, use common
Internet savvy buying practices.

Love, Robert Atkinson, aka Daddy Monster!
A few friends of mine -- Children's authors and illustrators themselves: Charlotte Agell, Keith Graves, Helen Ketteman and
Arkady Leokum:

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