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Welcome to the World of Daddy Monster by  Robert

It is with immense happiness and downright giddy anticipation I launch to the Web for free my
series of childrens books, kids stories and coloring pages now in ebook form – with audio.

The Daddy Monster
storybooks are not only for children 3 to 8 years old, but for the parent,
DADDY, teacher or storyteller to enjoy over and over again.

Daddy Monster's heroes may be Bugs Bunny, Godzilla and the Three Stooges but mine are many
men, Daddies all. So I mixed us together and out poured books,
coloring books, a costume, and
shows before thousands of people, kids of all ages!

Look, read, download, color and Write to me or the Daddy Monster. I'll be waiting, and wondering
what to do next.
Copyright © 1999-2014 Robert D. Atkinson.  Daddy Monster 2000. All rights reserved.
:)           Updated
October 2014
Daddy Monster Does the Silliest Things, by Robert Atkinson
Daddy Monster Eats (around) the World!, by Robert Atkinson
Daddy Monster Tells the Tale of the Teddy Bear, by Robert Atkinson
Robert Atkinson and little Daddy Monster
Contained in this site:
written and illustrated
by Robert Atkinson

Daddy Monster Does
the Silliest Things

Daddy Monster Eats
(around) the World!

Daddy Monster Tells
the Tale of the Teddy

And a lot of other stuff!
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This is NOT a disclaimer BUT a plainer Thank-er container from one Daddy Monster the entertainer – a.k.a. Robert Atkinson.
Writing, illustrating, editing, designing, laying out, making costumes, creating coloring pages, comic books (some saw as
anime, others manga), booking shows, events, storytimes and ALSO self-publishing, ring-bound and then hardback binding and
getting the books into festivals and stores was not what I had in mind when I saw a fun need unfulfilled – that of Dads
being Dad.
 I published and let loose on the World thousands of my Daddy Monster! And of course totally dude here for free,
as ebook, audio book. I would like to thank some men and women who did help, push or nudge me when needed: Of course
my family. Then Buffalo Chuck, Donna, Debbie and Tobin at Ginny’s Printing – Colleen Devine with Barnes and Noble
Booksellers – Emma Rios with the Austin Children’s Museum – all those associated with The Texas Book Festival – Joan
Neubauer – Ben and others at BookPeople – Bunnie Twidwell with the Austin Zilker Kite Festival – The ladies with Parent Wise
Austin magazine – and teachers with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) that always made time for this Dad when I
offered to bring the World as I saw it to the kids. Love, Robert Atkinson or Daddy Monster, one in the same